Club President - Mike Coombes

I was invited to become the club's President in 2001 and still wear the chain of office with the same enthusiasm and honour today as when it was bestowed upon me.

 Having been involved with the club since its formation in 1971 I have benefitted from learning many skills and made a great number of friends. I now try to pass on advice to the new generation although carnival through the ages has seen a massive transformation and I'm not beyond learning. It's just a joke when I say "you can't teach old dog new tricks."

 I hope to represent the club for many more years and help nurture the new breed of carnivalites.

Fortunately, the club has, seemingly, fully recovered from the difficult years brought about by extensive flood damage to our building shed and equipment housed on the Somerset Levels. We would have found it even more problematic had we not received such magnificent help and support from so many people and we will always be indebted to them for this. In typical carnival style many of those who helped were from other clubs which epitomises everything that is great about carnival in this part of the world that the general public don't, necessarily, understand.

 Behind the recovery was a membership who was determined to ensure they preserved not only the name of Pentathlon Carnival Club as a tribute to our founders but out of a mutual respect for each other. Whilst we are a tableau club we like to make up for standing around and enjoy ourselves throughout the year.

 So, if you're looking for a hobby which will help you learn new skills and teach us a few then get in touch and enjoy a lasting friendship then why not get in touch and join our club.



 We are always hoping that individuals or companies might be interested in supporting or sponsoring us. Every little helps against the ever increasing cost of putting an entry on the road.

 Please get in touch so that, perhaps, we can meet and discuss your needs and we will do our best to promote you and your organisation.

Club Member of the Year 2017 - Lynsey Addison